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Amped wireless router setup

  • Once you associate power and link to the Access Point or Amped router, go to a link
  • Snap More Setup in the left sheet.
  • Impaired or empower remote LAN interface and communicate SSID, setup information rate, SSID, channel width, channel number, and check dynamic remote customer table.
  • Click on Security to change encryption, validation mode, and pre-shared key
  • Click on IP Settings to design IP address.

If you at home or in the office have decided to organize a local network with access to the Internet consisting of several computers or to organize a Wi-Fi connection, then it can be easily implemented using an Amped Wi-Fi router by visiting Who has encountered difficulties or any obstacles in configuring the router, you can always call to consult on setting up one or another router, moreover you can always invite to your service engineer "Compu-help" We will be happy to help!!! And do not hesitate to call!!! Computer help will come to the rescue!

If you are connected to the Internet via a cable, it is advisable to create a Wi-Fi access point for the house. The access point Wi-Fi implies the presence of a wireless router (router) with which you can organize a small local network at home or in the office and combine several computers with each other and then connect to a common Internet network.


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What If I receive the message "Wireless network problem"?

This may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • the product and the controller are on different WiFi networks;
  • product fails to obtain network IP address;
  • The Wi-Fi signal strength is bad between your router and the product.

What is the default username and password for my Amped Wireless router?

The default username for your router is “admin” and the password is “password or admin” itself.

How can I easily get login to my Amped Wireless router?

Follow these three basic steps to get login to your router:

  • Firstly, search out your IP address for login
  • Now, enter the appropriate IP address, which is at the address bar of your browser.
  • Now, type the username and password when asked by your router.

What to do if I forgot my Amped wireless router password?

Forgetting username and password is a quite common issue. Fortunately, we have a solution for you. Trying out a reset on your switch will reset your switch to its default settings. This implies the switch client name and secret word will be reset to their default settings too. After hard resetting your switch you ought to have the capacity to sign in utilizing the default client name and secret key for your router.

What device is to blame for the fact that there is no access to the Internet - a router, a laptop or a computer?

First, if you have already checked the Internet, connected the computer directly with a wire and everything works, and when connected through a wireless router - no, even after rebooting the router, there are usually two options:

  • Invalid wireless connection settings on the computer.
  • The problem with the drivers for the wireless Wi-Fi module (a common situation with laptops, which replaced the standard Windows).
  • Something is wrong with the router

How to enter router settings?

If you need to change some of the settings of the router, then most likely, you will do this via the web interface of the router administration. Some users have a question about how to enter the settings of the router. About this to our experts who will provide you a complete guide of making router setting.

Why Wi-Fi signals suddenly lost and there is a low internet speed over Wi-Fi?

First about how it looks and the specific symptoms by which you can determine that the Wi-Fi connection disappears precisely for this reason:

  • Phone, tablet or laptop sometimes connects to Wi-Fi, and sometimes - no, almost without any logic.
  • Speed ​​over Wi-Fi, even when downloading from local resources is too low.
  • Communication with Wi-Fi disappears in one place, and not far from the wireless router, there are no serious barriers.

How to resolve problem of losing Wi-Fi signal?

The most common reason for their appearance is the use of your wireless network by the same channel that is used by other Wi-Fi access points in the neighborhood. As a result of this, in connection with interference and "crookedness" of the channel, such things appear. The solution is pretty obvious: change the channel, because in most cases, users leave the Auto value set in the default router settings.

In which situation I need to change the channel of a Wi-Fi router?

If you encounter a poor reception of a wireless network, Wi-Fi disruptions, especially with heavy traffic, as well as other similar problems, it is possible that changing the Wi-Fi channel in the router settings will help to solve this problem.

What steps need to be followed to change the channel of my Wi-Fi router?

All you need to change the router's channel is to go to the web interface of its settings, open the main Wi-Fi settings page and pay attention to the "" item, then set the desired value and do not forget to save the settings.

How to find out the password if it is not saved on the computer, but there is a direct connection to the router?

  • Connect the LAN connector of the router to the network card of the computer and go to the settings of the router.
  • The parameters for entering the router, such as the IP address, standard login and password, are usually written on the back of it on a sticker with various service information.
  • Regardless of the brand and model of your wireless router, ou can look at the password in almost the same place.

What should I do if I do not enter the router settings?

If you see a blank page or error when you try to access or, try the following:

  • Run the command line (for this, for example, press the Win + R keys and enter the cmd command )
  • Enter the ipconfig command on the command line
  • As a result of the command, you will see the parameters of wired and wireless connections on the computer
  • Pay attention to the connection that is used to connect to the router - if you are connected to the router by a wire, then Ethernet, if wirelessly, it is a wireless connection.
  • Look at the value of the "Default Gateway" field.
  • Instead of the address use the value that you saw in this field, in order to enter the settings of the router.

What is the default IP address for Amped Wireless router?

The default IP address of the Amped Wireless router is and login page is .

How to connect a computer to a router easily?

  • We connect the Internet cable: one side is inserted into the laptop, the other - into the router. The connectors on the router, as a rule, have a yellow color. There are several of them. In the image you can see how they look.
  • To access the page with the settings open the browser, in the line enter the following combination of digits -, you can use this one - As for personal data (login and password), and they will be required to gain access

If I try to go to the IP address, the error page does not access, or the page could not be opened, then what should I do?

  • It is necessary to check the network settings. It is possible that a static IP address is set, other strange parameters, it does not matter. All static indicators need to be put into automatic mode. Find out how it happens here.
  • Ensure the integrity of the cable sheath - suddenly it is damaged, that's why there is no access to the Internet. Try another way - via Wi-Fi login.
  • Now the same circuit, just vice versa - disconnects from the wireless access point and insert into the cable jack.
  • In extreme cases, you can always do.
  • The most global reason is the failure of the router. Then all of the above will not help.
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