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Amped Wireless ATHENA AC2200

Amped wireless routers are the leading wireless routers in the networking industry. The Amped wireless routers have several industry grade features topped up in them. The Amped wireless routers can be easily configured by accessing its web setup page through the web address

The Amped wireless users previously had to face a lot of trouble while accessing their router’s admin for configuration.

Amped wireless access through

Therefore, Amped wireless came up with an effective option of providing the users with a much convenient web domain i.e. to get into the router’s setup page. The users had to access the home setup page with the default IP address i.e. or

The Amped wireless firmware

The Amped wireless router firmware is actually the software through which the user communicates with the computer device for its configuration. The firmware of the router needs to be updated as soon as the update is released in the Amped wireless router.

Updating the firmware through the check button

The Amped wireless router’s performance and configuration entirely depend on the firmware of the router. The user can easily configure the router firmware by accessing it through the web address Enter the login information like the username and the password in the required fields.

Below is the detailed procedure for updating the firmware of Amped wireless ATHENA AC2200 router.

  • Assuming that your router is connected to the system and switched on, enter the web address in the URL bar and proceed.
  • Authenticate the concerned fields of username and password with the password that you have set or with the default username and password.
  • Once you have accessed the admin page of the router, then look out for the system administrator tab and click it.
  • Click the router firmware>update tab and proceed.
  • There will be a check button in left menu pane of the page. Click it and you will be redirected to a download link of the firmware update.
  • Click the download link that is displayed and save the update file in a particular location of your PC from where it can be accessed easily afterward.
  • The router will ask you to specify the location of the downloaded update file.
  • Click browse and select the update file from its location where it is saved. Click “upload” or “install” button and the uploading process will start itself within a fraction of second.
  • At the end of the process, the router will reboot automatically and a power cycle will happen.

Note- Just make sure that the power cycle at the end (power off and on) happens without any hindrance or interruptions. If the reboot at the end is interrupted in any case, it can lead to a severe damage to the router’s firmware and the router can also be rendered useless. So, be extra cautious while updating the firmware of the router.

How do we know that if our router firmware needs to be updated?

Well, this is the most frequently asked query of the users. There is a simple and easy way to know if your router firmware needs an update. Just access the router firmware through the web address and log in it with the predefined credentials.
Then, click the system admin tab and then select the router firmware tab at the bottom left part of the page.
Now, click the check button on the adjacent side of the router firmware tab. Once you have clicked the check button, the router will show you the version of your firmware and if there is the latest update pending, the download link for the update file will be flashing.

If the router is already up to date, then there will be no such update download link and you will see “your firmware is up to date” tag.

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